Services Provided by Home Health Care Agencies in Canada

Home health care is a clinical medical care that provides treatment for an illnesses or injuries at the comfort of your home. The care is available for people of all ages who require ongoing care after returning home from the hospital. Some procedures may be stressful, dangerous, and complicated for the patient to learn on their own hence the need to get help from a trained professional. The medical caregivers assist patients through the recovery process and help them to regain independence after treatment. Home health care services are less expensive than hospital or nursing facilities and provide a high level of efficiency.

Home Healthcare vs Home Care

Some of the skilled medical professionals that provide home health care services include occupational therapists, physical therapists, and registered nurses. Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-care, and other insurance plans cater for home treatment provided by a certified home healthcare agency. Some people confuse home healthcare with the home care, but the two have different meanings. Unskilled home caregivers provide home care to the seniors who need assistance with personal care and daily living conditions. Some home care agencies provide senior care services to the elderly with different health conditions such as Alzheimer’s from home.

Home Health Services

Patients must receive a consent letter from a doctor before receiving home health care services. The hospital advises the patients on the nearest home health agency near them where they can receive help according to their health needs. Some senior patients would opt to have an elderly caregiver who understands their conditions. A skilled therapist, caregiver, or nurse performs the following home health services:

• Monitoring the patient’s health state.
• Provision of skilled nursing services and therapies (nutritional, speech and language, occupational, and physical).
• Care for the surgical wounds and pressure sores.
• Drug administration and injections.
• Carrying out medical test occasionally.
• Medical social services and counseling.
• Home safety education.


Home health services are common with the people who have just come from the hospital. However, other people who may find it essential include people with complex medical conditions or anyone who has just come from surgery. The elderly or individuals with chronic illnesses may consider home health service. Some new mothers require a registered nurse to help them with the maternal post-partum care too. It’s an effective way for patients to heal at the comfort of their homes while receiving all the necessary healthcare services available in established medical facilities and hospitals. The patients should choose an agency that meets their needs and provides a broad range of services.

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