5 Common Causes of Depression in the Workplace

The World Health Organization estimates that the global economy loses US$1 Trillion to depression in the workplace. Do you suspect that you or your close colleague at work is suffering from depression? The numbers of depressed people in the workplace are increasing at an alarming rate. We hereby discuss the 5 most common causes of this undesirable condition and how you can deal with it. Knowing the underlying cause goes a long way in treating depression associated with the workplace. After that, you will contact a disability lawyer Toronto and solve the problem permanently.

1. Harassment and bullying

Bosses are perhaps the biggest contributors to depressed employees. While goals have to be met, some employers demand too much from their employers, often verbally and physically abusing them. Nothing demoralizes an employee than a thankless or abusive employer. When an employee is harassed, he feels unworthy and this affects his morale and self-esteem. The problem is compounded by colleagues who do not support each other psychologically and physically.

2. Disability and lack of support

The disabled community is often subjected to unnecessary harassment and ridicule from their able-bodied members of the community. This mistreatment finds its way to the workplace and is today a leading cause of depression in many job places. Disabled employees who lack support from their companies, employees and colleagues are more likely to suffer depression than those enjoying full company support. For example, there should be ample ramps and dedicated restrooms and snacking areas for the disabled.

3. Work related hazards

The prospect of suffering injuries in the workplace causes a major worry among employees. Hazards such as electrocution, slips, falls, machinery related risks and other injuries can make employees scared of working. This is especially true if a fellow employee has suffered injuries in the past. The services of a disability lawyer Toronto may come in handy.  To prevent this cause of depression, employers and companies need to map out risky areas so that employees can exercise due diligence. Warning signs and notices should be displayed well, to keep the prospect of danger far away.

4. Unclear tasks and objectives

Some companies assign employees’ roles that they never interviewed for. This leaves them disillusioned, confused and wanting to leave the employment. According to top human resource associations, employees who do not have clear job descriptions are often depressed. They feel that their jobs are not secure and that they could be dismissed any time. This is also true for casual employees and those who do not have the proper letters of offer and written contracts. The feeling of being lost and trapped is real. Employees who feel that their companies conduct immoral practices are also candidates for depression.

5. Long working hours for little pay

Employees who work for long hours are more depressed than those who work for shorter periods. This is especially true where one spends so much time at the workplace that they are left with no personal life. When one does not have time for friends and family, mental disorders are bound to sneak in. There needs to be reasonable duration to keep employees refreshed and motivated.

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