10 Misconception About Psychotherapist That Will Blow Your Psyche

Psychotherapist Mississauga and psychotherapist everywhere get a bad rap. There are several misconceptions about being a therapist that put a bad stigma in this profession and thus makes some people skittish about trying to become a registered psychotherapist.

In this article, we will outline ten major misconceptions that psychotherapist deal with – but don’t worry we will also debunk misconceptions.

10 Misconception About Psychotherapist That Will Blow Your Psyche

# 1 – Therapist Don’t Care About You

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There is this misconception because therapist charge people to listen to their problems – and for a certain timeframe – that they don’t care. This is grossly misunderstood by many. The session although maybe only an hour gives the therapist information that will help for a later solution.

Emotional pain is not like a physical pain it will take a considerable amount of time to heal, and the only way to heal it is to get to the source of the pain; something that an operation cannot do.

# 2 – Therapist Cannot Be Trusted

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Because people reveal therapist their inner secrets haven’t revealed to others a therapist is seen as someone who has “dirt” on a person. But therapist takes a vow that whatever they are told will be held in confidence. They will not speak or say anything to someone else outside of that session.

# 3 – Therapist Think They Have All The Answers

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Therapists have a relaxed and calm demeanor that may come off to many as being arrogant or snobbish. It can be somewhat condescending to tell your feelings and past to someone and have them sit there and question you more.

However, this is the cure. The cool demeanor should not be viewed as cold or as if they know it all. Being emotional will only escalate your problems. They are there to help discover the source of the emotional pain.

# 4 – Therapist Don’t Do Anything

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The idea that one has a session with a therapist and right after that be healed of whatever emotional harm they may be going through is one of the main reasons some people feel like therapist don’t do anything.

To go back to our first entry – these sessions are all about healing the pain by getting to the source of the problem. It takes time to get to that source – especially when so many people are blinded by the pain and feelings.

# 5 – Therapist Makes Problem Worse

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The notion that one will unlock hidden memories that they have tried to forget is something that some people don’t want to experience. It is this fear of bringing back bad memories that some believe therapist to be worse than not having them.

But getting to the heart of the issue is how you can ultimately stop the emotional pain and trauma you may be experiencing.

# 6 – Therapist Only Help Crazy People

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Therapy is not for crazy people, only. In fact, therapy is a healthy interaction with someone who can look at your situation OBJECTIVELY and give their viewpoints on it. Sometimes the best way to get over a problem is by telling it to a stranger.

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