7 Common Uses Of DNA Tests

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DNA testing has made considerable headway for many who want to learn more about the genetic makeup. It has in a sense become very popular for that sole reason and has garnered a considerable amount of attention over the years.

However, DNA testing is not restricted solely to discovering ones genetic makeup it has many other reasons besides this reason, and here in this list, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 7 common uses of DNA testing.

7 Common Uses Of DNA Tests

# 1 – Archeology

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Archeologists are now starting to use DNA testing to better understand the progression of the human life on this planet. This has been an excellent help for answering questions about the different origins of species. By profiling the DNA of individual animals, they have discovered how the DNA had evolved and mutated over time.

# 2 – Paternity Test

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This may come as no shocker to those who are into the whole “Maury Povich Show” – but DNA testing has also been a great assistant for those who want to discover who the father of a child is. This is an excellent option for those who want to know for legal reasons.

# 3 – Family Tree

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It can be exhilarating to learn more about your family and who you may have been related to in history. DNA testing is a great way to unlock and verify your family tree you may have been trying to build. In addition to discovering more about your family members, you can also find out what your ethnic makeup is.

# 4 – Discover Health Problems Early On

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Perhaps one of the most beneficial reasons for using DNA testing is the ability to check early on if the fetus a woman will be giving birth to will have any life-threatening disease. Furthermore, DNA testing is a great way to discover for yourself certain diseases you may be in threat of getting later on in your life.

# 5 – Criminal Cases

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DNA testing has proved to be invaluable in many criminal cases. Police can store DNA from criminals and people and later use that to either exonerate people in prison who have been there unjustly or finally find that elusive criminal.

# 6 – Finding Long Lost Family Members

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DNA testing is proving more and more beneficial as we continue with this list. DNA testing is excellent for finding long-lost family members or in some case discovering family members you never even knew about.

# 7 – Outer Space??

DNA testing is not only discovering new species on earth, and there are discoveries quite often, but it is also now venturing out into the vast cosmos to learn more about the universe we live in and maybe… maybe if there may be life somewhere else in the universe.

DNA Testing Is Changing The Way We Live

DNA testing has changed so much of our lives and our history, and it is continuing to do so. As the technology behind this fascinating science continues to evolve and grow one can only speculate on how much more we will learn and unlock.The future of DNA testing is looking quite fabulous.

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