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How to Make Home Health Care Services More Affordable

Home care assistance is commonly used by the elderly, but it may also be used for those who are ill or disabled. There are many home care agencies that can send a nurse or a skilled home care aide to assist you throughout the week, and some services are even available around-the-clock. Services may include help with hygiene tasks, preparing meals, light housework, transportation, medical-related services and more. If you are looking at the cost of home health care, you may understandably be wondering how you can make this service more affordable for you to manage on a limited budget.

Take Advantage of Medicare
Many individuals who need home care assistance qualify for Medicare. If you are not currently covered by Medicare, explore the requirements for this financial service. Under Medicare Part B, you may receive 100 percent coverage for part-time, in-home assistance. Typically, this includes two to three visits per week by a nurse or a care assistant. The plan that you use must be approved by a physician in order to qualify for Medicare coverage.

Ask Friends and Family for Help
You may not qualify for Medicare, or you may need more significant care than what can be offered two to three times per week under Medicare coverage. If this is the case for you, you may ask friends and family for assistance. Many people would love to help out any way they can. For example, a neighbor may make you a meal once per week, or a nearby adult child may be able to spend a few nights and weekend days with you. With more people chipping in to help, you may easily be able to get the support you need.

Find the Right Service Provider
With numerous home care agencies available, it is important that you select the best one for your needs. Understand if you need full or part-time care as a first step. Then, examine the list of providers that your physician gave to you as approved options if you plan to use Medicare coverage to pay for your services. You should also explore the cost of services, the type of services available and the availability of services based on your needs. You may also rely on unskilled home care in between scheduled nurse visits. Unskilled care may be available at a more affordable rate than nursing assistance.

Setting up home care services with a skilled nurse or aide may be a true necessity, but many people unfortunately have limited funds available for these services. By taking these important steps, you may be able to set up the care that you need on a limited budget.

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