How To Find the Best Retirement Home

While it can be a hard subject to broach, talking to your parent about long term care in an assisted living facility should be done while the parent is able to clearly participate. There are a few things you should discuss with your parent while they are still clear-headed and alert. Finding the right place for your mother or father to live out the rest of their life is important and should be planned carefully.

Take Tours of the Residences

Don’t just settle on the first home that you find online or that someone says is nice. There may be multiple retirement homes with many different amenities that your parent would enjoy around the area that you live, so you’ll want to find the best one. Call multiple facilities and request that you and your parent be given a thorough tour of each building, as well as everything that they have to offer. Think of the move as finding a place for your parent to live, not as where they are going to pass on.

Sit in on a meal at every facility you are considering. See how residents are treated and what food options they are given. Watch how the staff interacts with their patients. Are they attentive and kind? Do they seem to genuinely care about their patients? Finally, you’ll want to find out what recreational options the facility offers to their residents. Quality retirement homes will have a large array of activities that the residents can choose from.

Ask Family and Friends for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your other family members for help finding the best assisted living homes. This is a hard decision that should not be made lightly, and having the help of others will ease the burden a bit. Friends may also have valuable advice for you in terms of retirement homes that they have used before for their parents or a loved one. Word-of-mouth is always a great way to get recommendations on finding the best nursing homes in your area. If you would like to learn more, there are more resources available at Sienna Living.

Discuss Payment Options

How you or your parent will pay for long term care is a big part of finding a facility. Medicare and some private health insurance plans will typically cover a short-term stay in a nursing home or assisted living residence. However, the cost of long-term care may be hefty, so families will have to discuss together how they will cover the cost. Medicare will still cover long-term care, but the family will have to sell off any assets and use any savings their parent has before Medicare will continue coverage. Consider long-term care insurance as early as possible, as this type of coverage will help to defray the massive cost of retirement homes.

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